Celebrating 30 Years

 Yes it's true! Snug As A Bug made it's first sale 30 years ago, in Sept of 1992 at the Cabbagetown Craft Show in Toronto. Back then, there was no internet and I did all of my sales through Craft Shows and paper catalog. By the time I migrated over to selling online (2005) and opened the retail store (2007) I estimate to have participated in 500 shows!  And that is a lot.

My designs have changed along the way, but the bright whimsical styles, prints and colours remain. True to my heart, we still ethically manufacture in Canada - Toronto to be precise.

I have had such a long and wonderful career, learning so much about entrepreneurship and all the details it takes to keep a small business in Canada going, year after year. Sooo many details!

Through the retail store in Toronto, I have been involved in many community minded projects, allowing me to meet so many wonderful, caring people.

Now, it's time to celebrate all things Snug As A Bug! My team and I are arranging one sale for online shoppers and another is taking place in-person at the store. Details below.

Thank you for supporting a Canadian small business, I truly mean it.
Liz Heyland
founder and designer