Celebrating 30 Years

 Yes it's true! Snug As A Bug made it's first sale 30 years ago, in Sept of 1992 at the Cabbagetown Craft Show in Toronto. Back then, there was no internet and I did all of my sales through Craft Shows and paper catalog. By the time I migrated over to selling online (in 2005) and opened the retail store (in 2007) - I estimate to have participated in 500 shows!  And that is a lot.

My designs have changed along the way, but the bright whimsical styles, prints and colours remain. True to my heart, we still ethically manufacture in Canada - Toronto to be precise. I have had such a long and wonderful career, learning so much about entrepreneurship and all the details it takes to keep a small business in Canada going, year after year. Sooo many details!

Through the retail store in Toronto, I have been involved in many, many community minded projects, allowing me to meet so many wonderful, caring people. Below are some pictures through out the years to enjoy!

Thank you for supporting a Canadian small business, I truly mean it.
Liz Heyland
founder and designer