Chroma Blends Travel Watercolour Palette 6yrs+

In Store and Online

Take watercolour projects wherever you go with the Chroma Blends Travel Watercolour Palette.

This travel-size watercolour set comes with 24 watercolours and a palette area that closes into a travel sized watercolour set.  Choose which colors you want to colour with and blend them on the built-in palette

Best of all, this watercolor palette set comes with two water brushes so there’s no need to carry around cups of water. The water is right in the barrel of each water brush. One water brush has a round tip and the other has a flat tip to try all sorts of watercolour techniques.

The watercolour palette has plenty of room for you to mix, match and blend any of the 24 watercolours with several partitions in the palette.

  • Travel size watercolour set with built-in palette
  • Includes 24 watercolours and two water brushes
  • 4” x 7” carry case doubles as a palette
  • Suitable for ages 6+ years
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