Enchanted Fairy Door

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Create a world of imagination, magic, and memories for the child in your life! Attach the fairy door at the bottom of a bedroom wall, a shelf, or even outdoors at the base of a tree. Use the included vinyl stickers to decorate around the door. Leave the magic key in front of the door overnight. When the key is gone, the child will know a fairy has moved in and are waiting to be given a special name! Read the fairy agreement and both the child and fairy will sign it. The child can leave special gifts and notes and the fairy may leave notes! The Enchanted Evermore Fairy Door can be a tool for offering encouragement and recognizing achievement!

  • Door for indoor/outdoor Use
  • Magical fairy key
  • Fairy friendship agreement
  • Two sheets of vinyl stickers
  • Double sided tape dots to attach door
  • Purple, pink, or blue: ships assorted


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