Lil Paint Pods Watercolours-Set of 36 5yrs+

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This Lil’ Paint Pods Watercolours set is an essential palette of 36 bright watercolour paints that will delight and inspire every kid!

This Lil’ Paint Pods Watercolours set is simple. Experiment with a variety of 36 vibrant colours to make your art come alive.  All you need is water and a fine tipped brush for detailed creations. The cover doubles as paint palette too. Includes a convenient reusable case to store your supplies and it’s all washable, too.

Embrace your creative spirit with this handy set of artsy tools; it’s the convenient set is perfect for any artist.

Pairs perfectly with the Set of 7 Paintbrushes for even more painting fun!

  • 36 bright washable watercolours
  • One fine-tipped brush included
  • Reusable case with lid that can double as a paint palette
  • Suitable for children 3+
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