Panda's Picnic in the Park Game 2yrs+

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A matching game for toddlers with multiple ways to play!

Kids and adults play together to match shapes and colors at this pretend picnic with Panda. Toddlers delight at the surprises they pull out of Panda’s picnic basket, and they can then name each one by color or by shape. What shape did you get? What color did you get? Match it to your plate. When your plate is full, your picnic is complete!

Kids learn colors and shapes, pretend play, taking turns, gross and fine-motor skills and build their vocabulary.

Enjoy delicious color and shape fun with Panda’s Picnic in the Park!

  • Ages 2+
  • Adaptable for a range of players
  • Includes: 16 picnic food pieces, 3 plates, picnic blanket, picnic basket, instructions and parent guide
  • Dimensions: 8.9” x 8.2” x 5.7”
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