Pendulonium Stem Challenge 5yrs+

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Physics fundamentals become playtime fun with the Pendulonium STEM Challenge. This hands-on activity set challenges kids to send launch balls flying toward cups and targets with the help of an adjustable pendulum. What seems like a collection of simple tasks actually challenges children's engineering, problem solving, and critical thinking skills as they play around with early physics concepts such as force and momentum in search of the ideal solution.

Scalable challenges reward kids for devising their own solutions and tweaking their approaches through trial and error

In addition to using their brains, kids also have to make careful use of their muscles as the pendulum is completely kid-powered, and helps build hand-eye coordination and muscle control without the need for extra batteries, springs, or rubber bands.

Each activity set comes with a full-colour booklet filled with easy-to-build challenges, which increase in difficulty to encourage leveled play and continued development.

  • Ages 5+
  • Kid-powered pendulum boosts hand-eye coordination
  • Great STEM-based activity as little ones learn concepts of angles, trajectories, force, momentum, and trial and error
  • Challenges with multiple difficulty levels help kids develop critical thinking
  • 16-piece set includes: 3-piece adjustable pendulum, 6 cones, 2 launch balls, 1 arch with windmill, 2 goal cups, sticker sheet, and full-colour booklet
  • Size: 10” x 10” x 3”
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