Tutti Frutti-Burgers Trio 3yrs+

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Welcome to the Tutti Frutti fast food restaurant where you can find everything needed to properly garnish your burgers as well as fries to share!

Tutti Frutti modelling dough features the scents of real fruits and sweets in a range of vibrant colours.  The dough is non-toxic, water-based, re-hydratable, and won't stick, stain or crumble. Blend any combination of dough together to make new colors and scents.

Creative activities like modelling dough have several benefits including increasing confidence, developing motor skills, and exercising imaginations.  This is an ideal indoor activity for snowy or rainy days, for individual quiet time or as a group activity.

  • Ages 3 years+
  • Water based and re-hydratable, scented modeling dough.
  • All-natural ingredients, non-toxic, 100% safe for kids, antibacterial
  • Includes: Three tubs of Tutti Frutti modeling dough: yellow (banana), green (lime) and red (cherry), 4 buns and vegetables molds, 1 roller, 1 cutter, and 1 extruder
  • Modelling dough made in Canada  
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