Where Is My Butt?

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Where is my butt? That’s what a penguin wants to know and in this funny, joke-packed story, his anatomy question leads to an outrageous journey for answers.
Do you know where your butt is? Morty the penguin has no idea! He’s pretty sure he has one, but where IS it? So he does what any reasonable penguin would do: ask. But no one in the South Pole can help, not the other penguins, not the polar bear who shouldn’t be there, and definitely not the seal who wants to eat him for dinner. So Morty goes on a wild trip from his frozen home to the steamy South American jungle and all the way to outer space to find the answer.

And Morty finally does . . . in the most unexpected way. Morty’s crazy adventures will make kids laugh their butts off!

  • 26 page board book
  • 7” x 7” x 0.7”
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